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Have your legal docs done in the easiest way

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Contractize is a tool to help persons and companies to make, electronic sign, send, receive, store and manage legally-binding documents in the easiest way possible.

Go paperless, save time and money.


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Gokce Tosun
Gokce Tosun@gokcetosun · Growth Catter
Hey @contractize, I assume you're also the maker and I would love to hear more from you especially the feedback you got so far!
Rodney Peixoto
Rodney PeixotoHunter@contractize · Founder at
@gokcetosun Hi, yes, you assume right! We are alive for just some days, and the feedback has been very positive! We are on a mission to make legal docs as easy as possible. Please feel free to try us out and if you wish, we can give you a free subscription, just shoot us an email ok? Cheers!
Therese Durant
Therese Durant@theresedurant18 · Analyste, CCSF
I was waiting for the launch! Just made a very easy NDA! Pros: it is really easy and intuitive, and the encryption of the signature is cool. Cons: the library content, few documents, and i cannot send my own template. But will use it!!
Rodney Peixoto
Rodney PeixotoHunter@contractize · Founder at
@theresedurant18 Hi, tks for your interest on Contractize! We will add lots of documents in the next months, and the upload is on our roadmap soon. Stay tuned, drop us a line anytime if you have questions about the use of Contractize ok? Cheers!