Efficient contract management, automated through Zapier ⚡️

Contractbook is an efficient contract management solution for modern businesses.

We facilitate an all-in-one tool to manage all your legal documents. Send, sign, store and manage all contracts from one beautiful and simple interface.

We help you to focus your time on where you bring the most value! Which IS NOT by the printer!

  • Pros: 

    Really easy to use, while keeping it professional!


    So far, none!

    Try this! Its an awesome way to stay compliant without spending thousands of dollars on lawyers who just do Search+Replace in their own word documents! Thumbs up from here!

    Anders Spile has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Super easy to use

    Perfect digital signature management

    Great contract overview

    Decent document templates

    Nice people / good vibe


    Limited in document layout / style

    Limited in multiple revisions / drafting process

    I've been using contractbook for almost a year now, and even though I only got like 9 contracts in my store, it has been a pleasure drafting them up and especially signing them was a breeze! Good job guys! :)

    Personally I don't like the "tattoo-style" kill-the-printer-thing; it doesn't really match up with your visual identity and makes it look a bit dirty and not serious; something you dont want to be associated with, when you're running a contracting/drafting business. :) I like the sentiment, but I don't like the visuals. :)

    Anders has used this product for one year.
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Mikkel Boris
Mikkel Boris@mikkel_boris
Super straightforward - makes legal work easy!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Office Space vibes in the promo video 😳
Jarek Owczarek
Jarek Owczarek@jarek_owczarek
@rrhoover we love that one!
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
@rrhoover 👌 well spottet - Scandinavian office vibes indeed 😅
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
@rrhoover I will ping you when we launch the real version of how officevibes should look. Maybe it should be your next hunt? - i could give you a sneak-peak?
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
Hola Product Hunt, Thanks, @boetter, for featuring us! I am Viktor, COO & Co-Founder @ Contractbook, and I am very pleased to show you all what we have created! The way contracts are being managed today has not changed since we went from snail-mail to email (some are still stuck with analogue snail-mail... crazy right!?) That's why we took a huge step back and looked at the whole process of getting contracts send, signed AND stored. We realised that no tool really changed the process! Allright, there are a lot of digital signatures out there (digital pens) but that still doesn't solve the hassle of managing legal work! We have been on the market since june 2016. So far, we are operating in more than 35 countries and reached 10.100 users a couple of weeks ago! Our goal = World domination! Today we are launching in here AND on Zapier! And I am very excited show you the endless possibilities you have by coupling Contractbook and Zapier. We’re incredibly passionate about workflow optimisation, automation and design. Which is why we want to make the most beautiful and efficient contract management solution out there! Let us know your thoughts and feedback! Viktor Heide, Jarek Owczarek & Niels Martin Brøchner Use the voucher "Startup" if you feel like testing the product! (it doubles the amount of free contracts you can send for free to 6)
Mikkel Emil Lindblom
Mikkel Emil Lindblom@mikkel_emil_lindblom · CTO (Techie)
@viktor_heide Welcome on Product Hunt! We are drafting a new signature flow at the moment, lets talk next week.
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
@mikkel_emil_lindblom Thanks allot! popping the virginity with this one in here :D Where are you guys located at?
Kaitlyn Hanrahan
Kaitlyn Hanrahan@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
@viktor_heide Hi Viktor! After the first free 3 (or 6) contracts, would I need to upgrade to the $5 monthly plan or could I pay per contract? If the latter, how much is it per contract?
Casper Ackermann
Casper Ackermann@casper_ackermann · Managing Partner, Ackermann Kommunikatio
Great tool. Has helped us, a digital agency, focus on our core business!
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
@casper_ackermann Thanks allot
Nelly Kam
Nelly Kam@nel_kamai · Remote Product Designer & Digital nomad
Noce homepage!
Viktor Heide
Viktor HeideMaker@viktor_heide · COO & Co-Founder, Contractbook
@nel_kamai Thanks - this is passed to my two lovely designers.