Contra is a slick app for voicing your most honest opinions. It's pretty simple; you pose a two-sided question and get thoughtful responses and votes from people all around the world. Be careful though: it gets suuuuppper addicting because of the debate mechanism. I've personally spent a few too many hours on it, just trying to prove my point!

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Hey guys! When we put out v1 in high school a couple years ago (now freshmen at Stanford and Yale), we found a lot of young people using it to express themselves and talk really thoughtfully about important world problems in the context of their personal issues like sexuality, family conflicts, bullying experiences, etc. It was super inspiring. You couldn't find that element of thoughtfulness and openness amongst teens anywhere else. I got super hooked fast, and started arguing with people all around the world, on the platform I helped create. (It's super easy to get addicted, heh.) Contra got featured by Apple in multiple places like "Best New Apps" and "20 Under 20", among others. In general, the app was created because I would argue in Facebook comments a shit ton, but felt there lacked a single place online to talk about stuff. Facebook comments was way too cluttered, Twitter even worse (endless Twitter threads much?), and I didn't like Reddit's design and how dicourse was super scattered. So Lenny and I decided to just go ahead and design/build a platform just for debate. Surprisingly, nothing else existed on the store. We had little experience building that kind of stuff before, so it was immensely rewarding to create it and then launch it with people actually using it and getting addicted to proving their point and voicing their honest, vulnerable thoughts. Was super refreshing for me -- such a contrast compared to other social networks; found my friends and other people showing a new side of themselves. Anyways, regardless of who you are, you can go on Contra to vote on topics, debate with others about them, and learn more about the issue at hand. It's a really fun cycle, and IMO a productive way to spend your time :)
@mckapur Do you have plans for web and Android versions?
Congrats guys!
Something on the same line I am working on
@rohandey Ah interesting. Yea it's strange how there honestly isn't one place on the Internet where you can just debate issues
@mckapur well, there is.. it’s Twitter and Reddit. However, as in a debate, the user experience is overwhelming and busy (as expected). This problem has long been solved in the prototypical “focus on the discussion/issue; ignore the platform”.
@lyondhur perhaps, and I've personally used Twitter/Facebook heavily for debate, but I just found it a really really shitty experience -- I created Contra mostly out of my own need in that sense, but found a lot of people using it and got fairly addicted. I solved a problem for myself so I wanted to see if there are more people who I could solve it for
@mckapur How do you market your app, somehow I have been failing with promoting my app.
@rohandey There is,, and quite a few other options that specialise specifically on online debating.
Great job!! 😊 will surely be a part of it 😊
Very interesting product. Any features to maintain quality? (e.g. automatic fact checking to stop debaters from bullshitting) Join Stanford debate yet?
@do_kwon No fact checking yet... though that's a pretty cool idea. In terms of other quality control, yes (both automatically and manually, good thing is that there are some really cool/smart people who use the app and they are keen to moderate as well) And, heh, no. I actually don't like debating in that way. I'm mostly a person very passionate about certain things (Apple, Green Day, etc.) and won't stop until you agree with me that they're fucking awesome 😝