Context for iMessage

Add your events, activities, places, weather.. In one-click

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Hello Product Hunt! Context is an iMessage app that helps you to make your conversations more meaningful. You can add places around, the weather, your activity, your events and time in just a click with Context. Features: - Share events with their timings - Automatically share activity- Running time, Walking time, Travelling time and steps - Add places around you in the conversation with map links: Top places, food, drinks, trending places, outdoors and more! - Add weather - Add your time with the time zone Context aims to help with making conversations more meaningful by data from your smartphone. Looking for your feedback!
What do you mean 'add context'? I need more context to know what this does :)
@bentossell hi Ben! You can add information from your Calendar in a click or your day's activity like steps or weather around you. My favorite is the places Context recommends from Foursquare to set up meetings. The USP is that it adds all this information in just a click.
Looks cool, little tricky to understand at first though.
@kkkosariya will try to make that clearer, thanks!