Tagging for a linked web made easy ✏️

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Bastian Geneugelijk
Bastian GeneugelijkMaker@bgeneugelijk
Hey Product Hunters! I made a new thing called ContentTagger. Here's the problem that I had and the solution I thought of: 🤔 Problem I am working a lot with SEO and originally I got frustrated by all the different formats in order to support rich data snippets for Google, Facebook etcetera. Until I recently watched the TED talk about linked data:
. This was exactly what I wanted. But the right tags with domain classes etcetera where kinda hard to structure. So here comes the solution. 🛠 Solution ContentTagger automatically shows you the 'child' attributes from a chosen domain or range attribute so it becomes more easy to select something. On top of that I'm able to pass a link with the code to Google Structured Data Developer console and Facebook Graph, so easy testing! In the future I want to add more schemas (currently only and create a library which you can use to query linked data yourself with SparQL. But for now, lets make linked web tagging easy! Let me know what you think 😊
Paul Shapiro
Paul Shapiro@fighto · Director of Strategy & Innovation
This is 100% badass.
Bastian Geneugelijk
Bastian GeneugelijkMaker@bgeneugelijk
@fighto Thank You! ;-)