Data-driven content suite to grow your social accounts 📈


ContentStudio is the easiest way to boost your presence on social media by tapping into the trends and sharing engaging content with your audience.

It is a complete social media marketing suite with discovery, planner, insights, scheduler and automation tools to save your time and increase productivity in your content marketing efforts.

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The Web Guy

Great responsive devs, really fast to pickup, explore and use. Use it for managing your own and clients socials - research, post, automation.... It rocks!


Replaces several tools for starters!


Improved by using (free) !

Silly Billy's Toy Shop

Very powerful cloud based content tool.

Can find new content. Post to Social Feeds and also wordpress blogs and other blog platforms, also has integration with spinning tools


Can Automate Post Content, Find trending content, integrates spinner tech


Keyword searches could be a bit more specific, i.e tag search in Youtube

Unreliable software.. I feel , I got hustled for $60 on Buzzsumo for this. For a day I set up for an evergreen automation content. It was a hard day of scheduling for me for a day. Then the next day my schedule campaign was gone. Damn, I felt really down. It was so heartbreaking because I work on that 100 posts. Ever since the first day this software started I was patient for it to evolve and improve it reliability. But instead it focuses on being more, hustling people, not improving on its reliability. Not I dont know whats the use of it, maybe for just checking trends. It scheduling is not working properly ever since.




trending news discovery


some keyword searches turned zero results which seems improbable?

no instagram trending

Overall, very intuitive - improvements would like to see: bulk upload (if it is there not seeing it) Calendar helps greatly in seeing when each post is scheduled


Replaces several tools we used to use...


Needs improved means of entering updates, can be time consuming especially when a lot of updates need to be setup

Best service of it's type hands down imho


Has a huge amount of useful features and supports many social media platforms. It also integrates with many popular 3 party services.


I really can't think of any...really

Web Developer

In a world where time is money, the automation scheduling feature for my websites and social media, made my life easy and i could manage my time much better without any hassle.


A powerful tool enriched with elements to play around with the posts. Great for managing blogs, websites, and social media.


Every product always have something to improve but in my usage i didn't find any yet.

Designer and Marketer

So far I am really enjoying the tool. Can't wait for more integrations and seeing how the app evolves. Overall though this is a really great tool!




Great content and curation tool


Wish it had a mobile app

Owner of The Awareness Foundation

I love the ability to pull articles from RSS feeds, and even the ability to use to have a CTA (Call To Action) shown on the shared articles pages! I would however, LOVE for to be an option under "Other Integrations" - not just connected, but the ability to use a CTA and Replug link to Automated campaigns!! That would make ContentStudio complete!

I Would like other social media integration, such as Instagram and Google+ or even Kontakte,or Badoo.

What would be phenomenal, is if you had an API so that 3rd party integration can be implemented. Or I could just use If This Then That with my Wordpress Blogs, or Twitter tweets or Facebook Posts, and we'd get some mean integration going there!

I took a screen shot of my contentstudio dashboard and shown a possible bug or error with custom domains, and also a suggestion for to be used in Automated Posts for URL Shortening..

The below link is a Screencast URL

Thank you for letting me post my review! :D *thumbs up*


Automation, Discovery of new Articles, integration. Ability to implement a Call To Action on shared links to social media.


No integration on Automation to social media from Blog Posts

very bad customer service. very very very bad


bad customer service



Geek, web marketing tools researcher...

It could be a great platform, the potential are great. Must add instagram , google plus and telegram to post. Need Chrome extension to grab and repost, need integration with a free rss feed reader. need a way to send email


great potential


need improvements

Their support is terrible when it does not work right, which is too often. In theory, this should be a good product. They allow customization per social channel and my team finds it easy to use. Unfortunately, things simply do not post correctly, or at all, too often. We get false posting confirmation messages all the time. Their support is dreadful. A week or two can go by with several emails to them and all we hear are crickets. There is no response sometimes until the third or fourth email. This is terribly unprofessional and is horrible for our agency and clients. At this point, I would call the experience poor and we are moving to another product. We simply cannot stand their poor support any longer. Really sad.