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  • Nicholas Sheriff
    Nicholas SheriffFounder, Medic Ventures

    Nothing Buffer is 1000 time better in every way no need for this


    The founder doesn't care about people that aren't white that never ends well

    He had to do a survey, an actual study to see if his app name was racially offensive, that is the recipe for a very clueless and dangerously out in touch founder. That will extend to the product, business culture and this won't end well.

    Nicholas Sheriff has never used this product.
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  • Ryan Farrell
    Ryan FarrellUX Designer, Copywriter, Closet Dork

    Great looking content calendar


    Change that name, dude. It'll never work

    You have to change your name. I'm sorry if there's a language barrier here but that name is really offensive.

    Huge friction point for most of your U.S. users. For sure.

    Ryan Farrell has never used this product.
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Scott Bowler
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Not sure if you're aware but "coon" is an extremely racist slur in many parts of the world: Product looks great by the way - I see you're using Laravel Spark - we do too!
Jean-MarieMaker@brusselsregular · Digital Media Strategist
@scotty_bowler Thanks Scott! Yes I'm aware that in some parts of the world this can be seen as a racist slur, did do some research on this. The conclusion was that if we had a clear raccoon in the logo, it would not be a real issue, as coon is simply short for raccoon. In our test group of over 1000 users, we did not get a complaint on this, but that group mostly consisted of Europeans (about 80%). We will think a bit more deeply about this and reconsider Update: definitely changing the name!! would like to sincerely apologize to anyone offended by this name, that was never my intend!! The cool thing about ProductHunt is that we can show our product & brand in a very early stage, get feedback about everything, and make changes accordingly to our product and brand., and that's what we'll do!
Dean Ward
Dean Ward@realdeanward
@scotty_bowler @brusselsregular I'm from England and the first thing that comes to my mind with that name is the racial slur. It's not a name I'd feel comfortable saying in public or recommending to anyone.
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@scotty_bowler @brusselsregular Are you fuckin serious you asked white people if coon is racist? Coon was never in reference to white people it was in reference to minorities by WHITE PEOOPLE. I know you don't care but don't spout literally nonsense to justify things...just say you don't care. Coon was use in refrence to black face and making sure my ancestors were seen as less than human, not your ancestors's cool you only care about the feelings of white people and not those oppressed Jean. Thankfully this product won't go anywhere. It's amazing that far too many white people in tech need to do research on my frekin opression what in the fuck you need to do a survey MY GOD! blob: I can't thank Dean and Scott enough for restoring a bit of my fait in tech while I loose my shit.
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@scotty_bowler @brusselsregular "If you are comfortable with my oppression then you are my oppressor" - Philip Randolph Thank you some of you guys for not being comfortable at not even a little bit.
TREV OR@yungskeeter · developer
Melissa@melissa_inc · Indie iOS developer 👩🏾‍💻
100% need to change the name. The fact that you had to survey people at all should have been a huge red flag. And if you were aware of the history, more and diverse Americans should have been included in said survey, which would have given you drastically different results.
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@melissa_inc He didn't want to do that Melissa all racist white guys in tech shy away from inclusion for this very reason....they do not want us at the table period,...full stop, they also think our pain and oppression is downright hilarious. He's in the comments replying throwing emoj's and saying it's not the end of the world...the shit we have to deal with Melissa jesus just one fuckin day, I just want one day without seeing this garbage.
Sydne Sullivan
Sydne Sullivan@sydne_sullivan
I honestly can’t even believe this product got as far to even be posted on a platform like this with a name like that. Sometimes you see racist things and think “how did this ever get past the approval process/how did no one stop this from production?” The answer here is: well, we knew it was racist but thought instead of changing it, let’s make a bullshit survey so that later when we get called out on it we can shrug and say these people said it’s ok because there’s a raccoon logo. I mean, it’s probably fine because it only affects people that don’t look like us so who cares. The fact that you’re so lazy with your branding process tells me everything I need to know about this team and this product. Like, you honestly couldn’t think of literally anyyyyyything else to call this? Anyyyyyy other logo or animal to choose? Give me a break. You knew exactly what you were doing but you ultimately didn’t care.
Matt Holsinger
Matt Holsinger@mattholsinger · Owner, Enthrallogy Marketing absolutely have to change that name if you want anyone in America to use this.
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Whoa, racist name needs to go. Product looks cool but would never use because I wouldn't be repeating that name to team members.
Jean-MarieMaker@brusselsregular · Digital Media Strategist
@dshan Derek, name changed :-), now ContentCory: