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Hey Product Hunt! If you’re a blogger you’ve probably heard how great content upgrades are for growing your email list so I won’t go too deep into that. (If you’re not familiar, just Google “content upgrades” and you’ll see all the case studies and marketers raving about it.) We saw that the best player on the market, Leadpages, hadn’t really nailed it with their content upgrades product, Leadboxes. Sure it worked, but it wasn’t very smart. For instance, I tried to find an old content upgrade I got from one of my favorite sites, but it was a painful process. I had to search my inbox for random keywords because I couldn’t remember what that content upgrade was called. Our product automatically creates a page called the “content archive” unique for each of your readers to download & reference their old content. This page is delivered every time your reader subscribes to a new content upgrade. I also noticed a lot of similar products didn’t actually deliver the content upgrade via email. Without the delivery via email, you have to create tons of landing pages or deal with messy autoresponder logic to get content upgrades to work. Not to mention, you can’t verify whether your customer used a fake email just to get access to the upgrade. Our product delivers the content upgrade via email and then uses “smart opt-in” to verify that the user actually downloaded the content upgrade before they’re added to your list (which keeps list quality super high). And our best & most popular feature was inspired by marketers like Ramit Sethi & Noah Kagan. They had developed a system which incentivized even more free content from their site in exchange for a social share. There’s not a really easy way to do this unless you’re a developer. So we made this idea of “bonus content” a core feature in our product -- essentially trading away another content upgrade on your site in exchange for a share on Facebook or Twitter. For our highest trafficked blog content, we saw a 5x increase in shares from this. If you’re using Leadpages or another popup service, you’re missing out on free traffic you could’ve been getting on autopilot. As a special launch offer, Product Hunters get a 50%+ discount on our monthly plans which extends into the lifetime of your account. Pricing includes access to ALL VYPER apps, including our flagship product, Viral Contests (and future products will be included as well). Enterprise version includes a free transfer service from Leadpages or other software. This offer is good until Monday! ** tl;dr - Content upgrades helps you collect more email opt-ins through blogging without killing the user experience - Our product creates a content archive for your readers so they can easily access all the content they’ve unlocked from your site - We incentivize bonus content through social sharing, which equals free traffic for you -- it’s the same growth hacking tactic used by marketers like Ramit Sethi and Noah Kagan - We have a special Product Hunt offer for 50% off your plan, good for the lifetime of your account You’ll get all VYPER products, past and future, when you’re on a monthly plan Cheers guys! Me and my co-founder Jack will be answering all your questions =)
Great product guys. Congrats on the launch
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Congrats on launching! Glad to see someone taking on LeadPages!
@jonathan_van Appreciate it buddy =)
Looks awesome. Congrats on the launch!
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