Content Marketing Playbook

Master the art of content marketing

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Fred Rivett
🏆 winner, april fools day 2017
I've been following Sujan's recent work & writing for a while now, especially his work with (which you should check out if you've not already). If this is anywhere near as good as that then I'm excited to get my teeth into this and build some actionable habits.
Sujan Patel
Co-Founder of Mailshake
Just like with my first ebook my goal is help people grow their startup or business. The Content Marketing Playbook is actionable and to the point. It’s compiled from tactics and strategies I learned from my days of running a digital marketing agency. And much like my blog the ebook is transparent is based on lessons I learned (most of the time the hard way). Hope you enjoy @robwormley and my ebook.
Muhammad Saad KhanGrowth Hacker, Cloudways
WOW...what an amazing book. I was fortunate to get the copy when it wasn't even released. And I bet that it is one of the most valuable work in the content marketing literature. @sujanpatel & @robwormley have done a tremendous job. I have also started implementing the tactics on my recent project @Cloudways. And I believe its going to be awesome. Best of luck for a great launch :)
KaneTechnology Nerd
Sujan REALLY knows his stuff - he's taught me some awesome content marketing strategies - so I have no doubt that this book will be filled with everything you need to boost your marketing campaigns.
Doug Astorproduct hunter-gatherer
Downloaded - looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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