Contactually Relationship Insights for Team

Awesome data visualizations of a team's health

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Justin Thorp
Justin ThorpHunter@thorpus · Marketing Manager, Oracle Data Cloud
I love how Contactually has taken my mess of an email account and turned into this well spring of insight that helps me make my day to day much more effective as I try and manage relationships for my business.
Zvi Band
Zvi BandMaker@skeevis · Developer & CEO of Contactually
Thanks Justin for posting! We are super excited to release this. We built Contactually initially focused on individual users - that's all we really knew about. And it took us a while to build it out - we built a lot of functionality really quickly, then had to spend time perfecting it. We still have a lot of work to do, but we're proud of it. We started having more and more individuals asking to share contacts, so we built that. Then they asked to have shared buckets, so we built that. One of the last missing pieces for teams was the ability to gain centralized insights into how they overall as a team are performing. So we built that too. I think this is one of the best products we've built yet, and so excited to show you more!
Michael Aleo
Michael Aleo@michaelaleo · CEO at NAV
Love Contactually. In the interest of transparency, they're a client of our studio, but we added $250k to our sales pipeline in a week or so of trying it out. I'm all in on this new RIT tool.