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Thank you for adding this @nikitakorotaev. I'm looking forward to your feedback! We have just added a 50% off coupon for Product Hunters. We spoke to a lot of journalists whilst building it and their number one concern was spam so we tried to make a useful product for startups that doesn't spam Journalists. We use NLP to understand what Journalists like to write about and the CRM makes it easy to message journalists but ensures that you tailor each message individually.
@nikitakorotaev @tehranix How does the send email function work? Do I send e-mails through your system or can I use my own mail client?
@nikitakorotaev @emieljanson We use @nilas for emails. You connect your gmail or a similar email service with contactable and then send just like you would any other CRM.
@tehranix do you guys collect e-mail addresses or do I have to find them myself?
@emieljanson we have the emails too :)
I recently watched @Jason's interview with @gregory from Muckrack. There are some really good PR tips in this episode:
@Jason @gregory @rrhoover Thanks for sharing. We're fans of Greg's "slow PR" approach where the focus is to build relations with Journalists as opposed to mass emailing tons of Journalists.
Thanks @rrhoover! Happy to answer any questions people have on how to pitch journalists or use Muck Rack.
Built by my friend @tehranix. I had an early look, it feels useful. Contactable is a really detailed database of journalists and stuff they've written about. You can easily find just the right journalist to write about your company. It has a sweet CRM added on top.
Hi @tehranix, I'm a little confused... what do I get extra if I pay the monthly fee? Email addresses vs. just Twitter/LinkedIn accounts? Can I interrupt the service at any point in time or there is a longer term commitment? thanks
@sivola Hi Paeolo, the search on the front page is actually just a Demo, and you cannot do more than 10 searches.
@tehranix, looks pretty cool! PR is definitely broken, so hopefully some startups can fix it! You guys are in London, right? @hyharryhuang and I are making something similar (a light-weight version for product builders), so would be good to grab a drink sometime :)