Contact Cache

Private contact and relationship manager with encryption 🔒

Contact Cache is a secure and privacy-first contact and personal relationship manager in one app. It will help you to remember important information and stay in touch with people that you care about.

You will also be able to get a good night sleep knowing that your data are client-side encrypted.

Hi Product Hunt! I am Petr and I built Contact Cache for my own needs. I needed a tool to write down notes 📝 about people since I am always forgetful and the result is a contact manager mixed with note taking application and other features. I also think that the future in the cyberspace will be much more privacy-sensitive and I built the app for this new age. How is Contact Cache different from other contact managers and similar apps? - ℹ️ Collect more than just contact information - 📝 Write notes in Markdown attached to specific people - 🔐 Everything inside the app is client-side encrypted - 💯 Oriented towards privacy - 🇪🇺 Data stored in EU ⚠️ Please be aware that this is beta, some features are missing and some polishing is still needed. Let me know what you think about the concept and what would be the must-have feature for you. Thanks ❤️