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#2 Product of the DayMay 06, 2017
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Not sure what I'm supposed to do with this. I see an overwhelming amount of info and no clear reason why I should dive in, or what I should dive in to. It seems to generic. Perhaps you could curate them based on the type of consultant a tool would be helpful for, or the stacks better known consultants use, or as recommended by authors (as Tomek notes) Finding a list of tools is not the hard part. Connecting me with the reason why I might want to use them, or how they will help me is.
@thattallguy agree. I looked at for as i know this space very well. If I don't know anything about form, your site does not help me at all.
It would be great to connect the best known consulting books with related tools. This way of searching could be quite inspiring.
@tomik99 we also have this in mind ! If you have good recommendations please send us
Hi, good summary on here. Would be good to see the resources have a one line descriptor like "use survey monkey instead of google forms because..." - that would make it more useful than (say) manually searching through google. good luck.
@v_naz check
@jmahlombe Thanks Joshua, I know the difference between google forms & survey monkey. Was just giving feedback that a one-line review on each product would be good, otherwise it feels like it is a lot of information with similar functionality as a general google search. Reading other comments on here seems like a few others agree too. thanks.
Such a great resources ! Thanks for sharing!