Leverage your extended email network to get the best intro.

#2 Product of the WeekMay 07, 2014

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@rrhoover There are definitely similarities. We're focused on connecting people via the strongest path in their existing networks. It's similar to LinkedIn's introductions feature, but with a strong awareness of strength of connection, so you get better results. RelateIQ is working toward a connection strength index, but so far the focus is on CRM. It's a very cool product.
Awesome. Prototyped a similar product once. Love to see this now done properly
This product is absolutely amazing for job hunting and raising money. I recommend it to friends all the time. @pauljmcr and team are awesome.
Thanks for checking out Conspire. We analyze email to understand who knows who and, in a very accurate way, how well. Then we show you the best path through your extended network to the person or company you want to meet. Let us know what you think!
Although it's a much different product, it has similarities to RelateIQ. What do most people use Conspire for, @pauljmcr?