A chat room inside your browser's console.

Add a chat room to your browser's developer console by adding a small JavaScript file to your website. Chat in real-time with other visitors on the site viewing their console.

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Brilliant way to procrastinate without your boss knowing 😆
This is insane. And I like it. great work again @daltonedwards! 😆
Have you got a particular use case in mind or is it a proof of concept @daltonedwards ?
@spekulatius1984 mostly a proof of concept! Off the top of my head an example use case would be a developer going through your code and finding a bug, and being able to report it to you directly from their console.
@daltonedwards hahaha, that's too funny. When I asked this I thought about exactly the same use case: bug reports. Second option was a p2p sharing from information - but this is already done using torrent...
⚠️ If anybody’s chat rooms were getting spammed I’ve resolved the issue. I’ve added a 10 second chat cool down in-between sending. ⚠️
Thank you for checking out my project 😃