Protect yourself from unwanted phone searches

As your guardian angel, Conseel deletes your sensitive and private information only when prying eyes want to strip search your phone. At the time of unlocking your phone with a trapdoor PIN, Conseel deletes your targeted and previously defined emails, SMS, pics, phone log, files, etc based on date ranges, contacts and locations.

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Hello Product Hunters, I recently founded a Cyber Privacy start up, NYSNYD. I am very excited to share with you the soft launch of our first app, Conseel, and would like to get your feedback. How do you feel when your digital privacy is violated? This feeling of helplessness is experienced by millions of people around the world who have their phones searched daily. These prying eyes not only include your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend but others of authority who want to conduct a forensic search of your personal and private emails, text messages, phone logs, pictures, files, social media posts, etc. The ever increasing events of invasion of our privacy were our call to action to create Conseel. Conseel is a smartphone app that allows you to create a trapdoor password in addition to your regular password to give to prying eyes. When the trapdoor is entered to unlock the phone, Conseel deletes your sensitive information in the background. Conseel can delete emails, text messages, images, phone logs, files and more. You define what to delete, which time frame and from whom. Not only prying eyes will not see your confidential information but technical savvy intruders will not be able to copy this info as it has been deleted. You can restore the deleted info from your backups when you're in a safe environment. Millions of professional and business people carry on their smartphones corporate secrets, details on new projects, confidential information on clients/patients, sensitive information on sources and of course, who wants to divulge all the embarrassing information from that wild weekend in Las Vegas. Conseel address the challenge by deleting information when the situation calls for it. It acts like your guardian angel defending you from digital strip searches. We strongly believe that the information residing on your digital devices belongs to you! Only you should have the freedom to determine whom you share your sensitive and private information with. We’re super-excited to share Conseel with the PH community. We’re offering 50 Product Hunters* a free version of Conseel Premium. Let us know what you think? Thank you for your interest in Conseel. Pardeep *Send an email to with your PH name, how Conseel can benefit you and if you would like to be added to our newsletter email list. We’ll select 50 random people and send them a promo code towards the redemption of Conseel Premium. For those of the 50 people who downloaded the Lite aka free version of the app, we will provide a promo code for a free upgrade. This promotion expires midnight January 21, 2018. BTW – bonus points for guessing correctly the meaning of NYSNYD.
@nysnyd @pardeep Looks like a good idea. With all of the recent digital strip searches going on, this is timely. Many people can use this given the millions of people who use services like Ashley Madison.
@nysnyd @rogerkumar Thanks! There are many use cases for this.