Add notes and more functionality to your Contacts

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Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Connections is a Microsoft Garage project, and is a great example of Microsoft building useful apps for other platforms (presumably because they're under no illusion regarding the market share of their own phones). This app massively improves on the functionality of the native Android contacts list, allowing you to add notes and reminders to your contacts, categorise them with tags, and link up photos from your phone gallery.
Rick Sheahan
Rick Sheahan@cucumbur · Software Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️
@riaface Oooooold post but hey I work there (uh.... depending on who you ask) so it;s cool to see some products when im bummin around PH late at night!
Joe Filcik
Joe Filcik@jfilcik · Writer, Product Manager
Nice, Next time I'm using Android I'll have to try it :). Added to my growing PH Collection of Microsoft Garage Projects -
SwadheenMaker@swadheen · Product Manager, Microsoft
Hi guys! Thanks for the hunt! Here's a small backstory for the app - The app is currently open for the India market (edit - and US too, see below) only to gather some initial feedback - but we intend to open it up to other markets very soon.
SwadheenMaker@swadheen · Product Manager, Microsoft
We've just made the app available in the US too. Do try the app out and send your feedback to