Curated calendar of Tech events/announcements in 2016

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Just a little project I worked on the past couple of evenings. I couldn't find anything out there that is easy on the eyes and simply displays tech events and includes company announcements, like the one from Apple on Monday. It's fairly static at the moment, but I'm planning to make some changes to the backend. Possibly in the future: - Event details within the card itself when you click on it as opposed to going off the website - Branch out from just Technology, possibly Music Festivals (so different channels) Would love you hear feedback, suggestions or just any questions!
@gadgick Hey! Do you have an API so we could integrate it to whevent?
Cool. Would love to be able to subscribe (iCal) to it!
@43dos That's in the pipeline, will be along shortly!
Could we have it segmented into location? would love to see the events for London in this UI!
@harrystebbings Absolutely, I was thinking about something similar for a future version - I'll probably only be able to start with a few cities (UK being the top for me as I'm based in the UK).
Brilliant idea. Definitely +1 for location based segments also!
@ceryni17 Thanks Ruth, I'll work on locations shortly!
Now this is beautiful UX! Thank you for the direct focus and great design. One truly augments the other.
@dariohudon Thanks Dario, the intention was to try & build something beautiful, not just 'another calendar' or 'list' of events