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Seems like Connect:Phone::Mailbox::Mail. Wasn't a big fan of Mailbox because it didn't map well to my routine for handling email, but I really like this approach for contacts. I do wish the "More" screen had a FaceTime option.
Hi @KristoferTM, thanks for your feedback but I'm not sure your talking about the right app. We don't have notifications neither location services within Connect :)
The end result is pretty cool, but man — talk about a long onboarding process. @ojaouen wonder how those discussions were internally...and what kind of falloff you're seeing?
Awesome app to organize your professional and personal contact. The list feature is a killer! You should give it a try ;) PS: @rrhoover, @ojaouen is a product manager at Connect. Might be interesting to add him to answer questions.
I thought this app seemed really cool after watching the demo. And maybe I'm focusing too much on the "nearby" and location parts of it vs the contact manager side, but after playing with it for a bit I'm seeing a bunch of similar issues with Sonar and Highlight. I'm now getting a dozen or so notifications/day about friends, some of which are in different countries checking in over there (which is pretty low priority info to me), and then every other NYC friend I have pinging me every time they check-in to some place. Maybe I accidentally opted-in to their full on alert mode or something during signup, but these notifications seem to be going a bit overboard for a "contact manager" app.