Professional video calling. No downloads. Just a link.


Professional video calling, without the hassle.

- No downloads, just a link

- Works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera

- In-the-browser calls even on Android and iPhone (Safari)

- Stripe integration, so you can charge for video calls

- Customize to fit your brand

- API for video calls in any browser

- End-to-end encryption

- Accessible

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I love everything about this, except the lack of a text chat. Sometimes it's nice to send links and whatnot back and forth during a call. Still though, great tool!


Super easy to use, nice onboarding experience for clients, and great call quality


No chat functionality

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I'm SO glad to hear that you like it! We agree that not having chat is definitely a con, and it's something we've got on our todolist! (We're also launching something exciting next week that helps out a little bit with when it comes to written communication :) )

Confrere is a very simple and smart solution for BtoB and BtoC online digital experience web app as a service. You guys did a great work for real business needs. Congrats for this first version!

However, I experienced some UI/UX points to optimize.

1. Logo

Logo needs to be displayed retina. I uploaded a 3000 x 3000px PNG file, and it stays kind of fuzzy.

2. Dashboard Button

Not sure this button needs to be displayed in visitor's screen. This button is distractive and confusing in visitor/client onboarding experience.

3. Color Branding

This feature works great in dashboard. However, it will be great to customize the progress bar and infos field color. The greenish color as default should be a nice neutral light grey, for a perfect mix and match secondary color with primary color.

4. Call Button

Concerning the 'Who are you meeting with today?' section, a "CALL" button should be at that stage, in order to be very clear for the visitor/client action.

5. Freemium

As I clicked the "Try for free" button in the Desk plan, I didn't find any access to the payment integration in my dashboard. As it is mentioned there is 30 days to try free, I think it is the main and critical feature we need to try and test for back and front end user experience.

6. Integrations

Most of backend users are non techies or code friendly, meaning it will be great to implement the best appointment, invoicing... third party integrations.

I am pretty sure, Confrere will be a game changer solution in this strategic niche.




Excellent and quick onboarding experience. UI is good. As a straightforward experience, video calls and screen sharing works with ease.


Chat modal with rich text features.

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Thank you so much for the thorough feedback! We really appreciate it :) You bring up some very good points, I'll share some background info on why we ended up doing it this way for each of them! *1. Logo* Good point! I'll tag my CTO @daginge about this. *2. Dashboard Button* At first we didn't have a dashboard button here. However, several of our less tech-savvy customers were being confused by the two different URLs for visitors and for their dashboard, so we added the dashboard-button so they wouldn't get lost. Judging from our support feedback, this really helped. But it could probably be more subtle :) *3. Color Branding* That's a good point :) Ideally I would like to open up for that in the future. We ended up with just one color input so that would be as easy as possible for users and that we could still guarantee that the color contrast was accessible (accessibility is required by law in Norway). There's a little more about the process behind the automatic theme generator here: Here's a demo of the theme generator: *4. Call Button* Hehe, we've thought a lot about this one in particular. Every video call tool out there are based on a flat, symmetric model: You can call me, and I can call you. However, being available so anyone can call you at anytime does not work with the everyday work flow of people who have back-to-back external meetings, e.g. physicians, therapists, recruiters etcetera. So technically what we're doing is that visitors (clients/customers/leads/patients) check in, and then the professional (physician etcetera) calls them when they're ready for the call (kind of like in a lobby). We're very open for ideas for how to explain this better, because it's not the way it typically works, but we also believe it's the best way to build a tool tailor made for professionals with this kind of workflow. *5. Freemium* To be honest, we're just so early stage that this link isn't openly exposed right now, but we're very happy to set it up for you and make it available. Just DM me on Twitter, send an e-mail to or talk to us on our Intercom chat, and we'll fix it for you :) *6. Integrations* If you have suggestions for specific companies we should integrate with, let us know!! *7. Chat* As mentioned in another thread: We agree that not having chat is definitely a con, and it's something we've got on our todo list! (We're also launching something exciting next week that helps out a little bit with when it comes to written communication :) )
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Literally less than a minute to set up with smooth onboarding, a custom user interface. I will have no problem taking calls with clients using this platform.


It just works! Absolutely incredible onboarding for user and client. Custom branding is super nice. Very well thought out in all aspects!


None so far

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That makes me SO happy to hear!! Thank you!

As a partner at a design studio, we have both fintech companies, lawyers and physicians on our client list, and I can see all of them start using this straight out the box.


Simple(!) onboarding, under 1 min from first input to dash. No installations. Custom branding is nice. Powerful without feeling complex.


None in particular so far

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