Supercharge your Intercom Messenger with a built-in idea board your Users can vote on and give feedback from. Make better product decisions by co-creating your product with the people that use it most; your customers.

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At Intercom, we're excited about the possibilities that this integration opens up for our customers. In particular, I love the flexibility of this integration. You can use it on your Messenger home screen or in a conversation. Plus, you can gather feedback, share your idea board, or even import a conversation. It's a clean UI that packs a powerful data-syncing punch. Congrats on a great launch 🎉
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If you’re using Intercom, and want to make better product decisions, then we made this for you! A lot of our existing customers are using Intercom and with the recently released app functionality of Intercom we just had to make feedback management easier for Intercom users. Short recap of which Superpowers ⚡ we’ll give your Intercom Messenger 🤔 Capture new feedback right from the Intercom Messenger 📊 Showcase your Ideaboard and get feedback and votes immediately 🤝 Share Ideas during Conversations 💡 Add votes on Ideas while having a Conversation 🤯 Create new ideas based on your Conversation with a Customer And so much more.. 🚀
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We've been using this product for a few months now ( ) and I can definitely vouch for just how good it is to get the direction your product should be heading from the users quickly. The "mood" graph is also pretty good indicator of what people think about what you are doing, and can be source of very interesting discoveries. The free program is very generous for young startups so there is literally no reason not to try it. Definitely one of the most thought out products out there :)
@jirka_trecak Awesome to see you here! Thank you for the support 🎉 We did recently step away from the completely free package but our cheapest package is only 10 euros a month. Added to that we still have our 60 day money back guarantee. We want you and Conflux to be a good fit of course ⚡
@arvalaan Of course that is what I meant! Just forgetting when all changes so rapidly :) Really, the feedback is worth much more than that. Wish you good luck and looking forward to new features!

Their customer service is amazing!


Conflux for Intercom Messenger helps my team better manage (and respond to!) member feedback.


No cons here! It works perfectly!