Kyle Fox
Kyle Fox reviewedConfluxFeedback management for product teams

Intercom chat integration, simple to use, ability to post/email updates to idea supporters, private feedback, custom domain


Nothing major

We've been using Conflux for several months now, and it's been great. Before Conflux we were tagging users in Intercom, which was quite error prone.

The Intercom integration is awesome. We frequently get feature requests that are already logged in Conflux, and I can send the user a link (or place a vote) directly from Intercom.

I've experienced a handful of minor bugs, but that's to be expected of any new product. What I'm really impressed by is the team's speed in resolving those bugs. You can tell they really care about their customers and making a great product 👍

If you're trying to use spreadsheets, Trello, or Intercom to manage feedback ad feature requests, just stop — and start using Conflux 🙂

Kyle Fox has used this product for one month.