Feature flag and configuration management service

Launch new features without the need to re-deploy code. A 10 minute trainable management UI for non-technical team members. Supports A/B testing, targeting specific group of users. Deploy any time, release when confident. Open-source SDKs for easy integration.
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Hello Product Hunters! We built ConfigCat for developers, product managers and devops people looking for a feature flag service. The basic idea is to focus on feature flags: - We provide enterprise grade features with a consumer grade UI ✨ - Without the enterprise pricing structure 😘. - The Free subscription includes all features, including Single Sign On for example. (Security shouldn't be a question of money, right? It's like including airbags in premium cars only.) - You get a feature flag dashboard webapp to manage your flags. - You get open source SDKs to use feature flags in your code. - Segments, targeting, % rollouts etc. included. We don't bribe you into liking us by giving personal discounts, but we plant a tree 🌳 for each upvote we receive. And you have the Free plan to use the service free forever. Thanks for leaving a feedback - we are excited to hear what you think!
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Nice product, ConfigCat team! And I especially like that you plant trees after each subscription ( <3
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I like that you have open source SDKs for many platforms, makes ConfigCat so easy to integrate into an existing product. Nice!
@gyorgy Thanks and stay tuned. Awesome features are on the way.
Great product with exceptional support. Plus they care about our planet: 🌳❤️
@csilla_kisfaludi Awwww. Great to hear that. We'll keep hard to make ConfigCat super awesome for our customers. ❤️
I Love the config cat. I use the Config Cat in my leituras and training sessions. I've been writing a serie about the feature toggle using config cat and a friend and I are developing a extension for Azure DevOps to use Config cat on work items and ci/CD.
@alberttanure Oh wow! I hope the coming Public API will be your help.