Confidant 2.0

Baron Fig's notebook for ideas, now in three sizes 📚


Adam Kornfield
@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
Co-Founder Adam here. We launched Baron Fig exactly 3 years ago looking to make the notebook we really wanted. So far I feel incredibly fortunate that both our customers and the Product Hunt community have supported us on our mission. Today we're releasing the Confidant notebook in two new sizes, Pocket and Plus. We love hearing feedback from our users a… See more
@gregmschwartz · Founder
Love every product that Baron Fig launches! Big fan of my confidant, and excited to get the pocket size into my notebook rotation soon!
Henry Ameseder
@hgllnt · Co-founder & COO, Mimo
Sweeeet, I can't wait to get one of those pocket-size Confidants!
YES! Just yesterday was taking notes (as always) in my Vanguard Plus and wanted to buy Confident Plus soooo bad! :D
Mike Way
@mikeway3 · IOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant
Great product, excellent service.