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The Conductor Insights mobile app is a great way to do keyword research and content ideation on the go. There are so many times when I want to sit down with Google and really analyze what keywords to use in a post I'm making from my phone--this product is a time/lifesaver!
Hey Product Hunt, We’re really excited to be launching our Customer Insights app with you. Conductor’s goal is to provide marketers with the insights they need to create more valuable and engaging content, through customer-first marketing. In the spirit of providing value, we wanted to share our technology with the world — so we’re making our mobile app free to all. If you want to know what’s on your customers’ minds, there’s no richer source of insight than online search. It’s where customers ask questions, express their needs, and make purchase decisions billions of times a day. Now you can access that data, wherever you are, with the free Conductor Insights App. Enter any topic and get back the language that will appeal to your customers. Get competitive data about any search, so you always know how to stand out. Discover customer intent, so you can map to customer journey. Plus, you can save key ideas to brainstorm on later or share with your teammates.
whats the pricing for it? cound find any info on pricing on the site.
@saijogeorge The app is free of charge. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
Download an app? Friction is too high 😜