A limited edition notebook by Baron Fig + Codecademy

Baron Fig and Codecademy represent two sides of the thinker coin—analog and digital. Computerworld is a result of these sides coming together to inspire learning, thinking, and collaboration.

The limited paper type is called 'Code Ruled.' It's designed to reflect a dev code environment: numbers from top to bottom; indentation markers.

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Hey all, this one is especially relevant to the PH community. Most of us (myself included) learned to code on Codecademy. This Baron Fig x Codecademy edition brings together the best from each company. Also: The pages inside are called 'Code Ruled.' It's a paper version of a dev environment. We only made a limited amount of these. Don't wait, once they're gone—they're gone forever.
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@joeycofone and @adamkornfield are at it again, with a creative new edition inspired by artifacts of the digital/computer age. I always appreciate the fresh take they bring to analogue tools.
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@jdsimcoe Much appreciated. The team over at Codecademy did a great job helping us come up with the concept. And the illustrations by Aaron Fernandez are phenomenal.
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@joeycofone @jdsimcoe Thanks Jonathan! Was a blast working with Codecademy on this one, they do some amazing work over there. And don't forget Aaron Fernandez, the legendary illustrator who did all the covers!
You guys are really inspiring! Love how you come up with such relevant and creative ways to market the beauty of analog tools in the digital world.
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@dimakanbanize Thanks for the kind words! We do our best. 🤘
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@dimakanbanize Thanks Dima much appreciated! Try the best we can to make new and interesting things!
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Looks awesome. Love the "code ruled" pages.
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Baron Fig makes beautiful and innovative paper products that have carved out a unique space. They inspire, while giving space to think, ideate, and create. This offering excels and offers some bright inspiration to the day.


Beautiful, bespoke retro tech vibes.


Transition from outer cover to inside feels slightly jarring at times.