Collaborative notes from Dropbox (limited access)

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I’m not allowed in. Is there anything official from Dropbox yet? Or is it something internal?
@lachlanjc same here Lachlan.
Great to see the work of the super sharp @hackpad team surface again. Congrats to Igor and team.
Interesting. Surprised no one is talking about this. Composer probably isn't supposed to be public yet, although @maggled and a few others seemed to get in. Here's a screenshot she shared on Twitter: Maybe it's available for previous Hackpad users?
@rrhoover I used to use Hacked, though it wasn’t linked to my Dropbox account. I’d love to check it out though!
@maggled @rrhoover I think you're right about being available for previous Hackpad users
@maggled @rrhoover The screenshot looks really similar to Evernote's new updated web UI and also similar to Simplenote too. I wonder if that is from design of how people want their notes laid out, or from what previous apps used for layouts/designs.
@maggled @rrhoover I use(d) Hackpad and had it attached to my dropbox account. I can't get in.
Randomly in! I have a note or two in hackpad, so perhaps that allowed me access? Really nice so far—some beautiful (beginnings of, it's a bit of a mash up at the moment) typography and very clean interface (reminiscent of evernote's web experience). It allows multiple people to work on a note. You can add tasks, images, dropbox files, tables all in line with your notes. It also prompts you to create a note for a meeting based on what's on your calendar. I can see this being useful in meetings/taking notes together. A bit hard to evaluate how the interaction will stand up when I'm not actually in a meeting/interacting with others on the app, but given we use google drive for a similar use, this could be a valuable switch. A little worried that some of the features are obscured to make the interface super clean, but it's possibly that their use case is that 90% of users will simply take raw, written notes collaboratively.
I see Dropbox colliding with Evernote, each is moving into the other's direction in many ways
@tarekkoudsi long dropbox, short Evernote