Brings Hedera Hashgraph to your browser

Dev ToolGolden Kitty 2019
Composer lets you connect to Hedera Hashgraph without any fancy coding skills. You can get started right away building decentralized websites
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I am Pablo, the maker of Composer. I believe that we can build a better Internet. A place where anyone can grab a slice of cyberspace. I am happy to answer any questions or comments. Composer is an extension that provides support for developers so they can focus on more on building and less on integration. This tool produces payment servers, notifications, retries, onboarding, verification, and (coming soon!) platform analytics. Most importantly it allows you to sign smart contract transactions without needing fancy nodes or other servers. Because Hedera is a new platform, most apps only work on computers and not mobile. If you already have a Hedera portal account, you can try any Composer-ready app with one click (such as Otherwise, you can create an account id for free at!
@itspublu Any concerns about branding conflicts with Composer, the php package manager?
@rossdcurrie In short, no. They are very different products with completely different audiences. One is a dependency mgr for PHP, the other a chrome extension.
Hey @itspublu, great design!
I LOVE this concept! Wish we had this for every blockchain. I'll try out the extension
One of the challenges for me in working on ledgers is building that environment where I’m comfortable working on. This looks like an awesome way to help my team build dapps. Check it out!
Congrats on the launch Pablo and co! As a member of the Hedera team, want to say we are super excited about this - seems to be the easiest way to quickly build and launch decentralized apps on Hedera.