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Hi PH! We believe that we are in the component age. Reusable components are the only way to have consistency, quality, and efficiency. But writing reusable component is a lot of work. Sometimes, we spend more time on the setup of the project than on the component itself. Copy/pasting code is fast but only takes you so far πŸ˜„ We want the best of both worlds! Our workflow: 🏁 Select your starter-kit πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Code your component immediately πŸ§ͺ [Write tests] πŸ“– [Write documentation] πŸ“¦ Publish to npm in one click! ♻️ Repeat That's it! Your component is ready to be used in any project. No install, no endless setup, no search for the perfect up-to-date project template... takes care of the boilerplate infrastructure. Spend your time on Quality, Accessibility, Animations... not on setup! After the success of, people have been asking for more technologies outside of Web Components. delivers! πŸ˜„ - Preact - React - Riot - Solid - Svelte - Vue 3 beta already! - WebAssembly with AssemblyScript - and more, check the 44 starter-kits! Try now! No signup required We would love to have your feedback ❀️ Ask us anything! Francois, Gregory and Georges
I am curious how handle the bundling, asset creation and npm module resolution. Do you run a module bundler on the backend or something?
@tolga_sahin hi! Yes, under dev, we do run a module bundler on the backend for dependencies. You can select between rollup (by default) or esbuild. You can also use unpkg or pika. @francois_valdy has spend a lot of time on it and it works really well πŸ‘ For the release to npm, it's a state-of-the-art rollup build. Does it answer your question?