Complete Guide to Product Qualified Leads

How SaaS startups turn product usage into qualified leads.


Free trial signups ≠ sales, so how do you build pipeline from trial users? The answer: product qualified leads. The open guide, insights and playbooks from DigitalOcean, Typeform, Moz, Mention, and more how they use product usage to drive sales.

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I loved the guide. While quite long, it's fast to read and you can dive deep into chapters that interest you most at a particular moment. Looking forward to more guides from this team!


Comprehensive, all-in-one overview over the topic


Focus even more on actionable steps people can implement right now.

Thanks for sharing Jakob! More of the juicy actionable steps coming after the intro chapters. 4-9 go into detail with takeaways.

The "get it sent to you" form field, but then scroll down to read the first chapter is a bit confusing. Perhaps just get people to read the first chapter with you CTA above the fold saying, "Read the first chapter now" and then have the form field for an email at the very bottom.

And it'd be nice to tell me when (and what frequency the chapters) get sent to me. So I know what's coming.

The headline says: "PQLs" >> I wouldn't have known what that meant necessarily (and I'm a saas marketer). I would avoid acronyms in your main headline.


It's fresh & unique. And it hits a very real pain point for saas businesses! Great authors (who really know their stuff).


The chapters are on the page (series of landing pages). But I have to put in my email to get them sent to me? (also they weren't send to me)

Thanks for your comments - Sorry the fields got in the way. The published chapters are free to read online, more chapters each week via email to subscribers. Agree on the acronym - we'll see to updating that!

Guaranteed to be informative; @edfryed always offers super insightful & actionable content


Deep-dive into a super common pain point for SaaS start-ups


n/a not finished reading yet