Compare Spanish bank products with ease 🇪🇸

Compario allows you to compare banking products with ease.
Explore the popular products of Spanish banks, ranging from mortgages to deposits - and choose exactly what suits your lifestyle.
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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Igor, co-founder of Compario. My friend and co-founder of the service Mark @bezyaev and I created this service. Thanks to Igor Klochkov for the beautiful design. Once upon a time I’ve got a problem. There are no great services to check out banking products in Spain. Some of them are difficult to use, others are just outdated. I didn’t even know where can I open my saving account. 🤔 ☑️ Goal - give people a great solution to explore banking products. We have been following these patterns: - Simple - Quickly - Beautifully It means somebody should make just a few clicks or swipes for getting the best matches result. 🚀 Result After researched the things above we built the product. With Compario you can: - Explore banks of Spain - Calculate and choose mortgages you like - Look at banks locations nearby you - Both languages support: English and Spanish - A journal with financial secrets, advices how to earn and save money We are friendly for any feedback, issues found and more. The service should be improved after collecting analytics.