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Commute Reads is a website that suggests you freshly picked articles tailored to your commute duration. This way you can discover the articles that you will have time to read before arriving at your destination. You can also subscribe to receive the suggestions every workday morning, right in time for the commute.

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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
Congrats on launching Commute Reads👍 Really interesting to know how you built it and why🙌 You should integrate Pocket to suggest Pocket articles based on commute duration 😄
Damir Stuhec
Damir StuhecMaker@stuhecdamir · iOS developer, thinker, maker.
@mrcalexandre Thank you! That's a very cool idea! Will look into that in the near future. 👍
Damir Stuhec
Damir StuhecMaker@stuhecdamir · iOS developer, thinker, maker.
👋 Hi, Product Hunters! My name is Damir Stuhec. I'm an iOS & Swift backend developer, and this is my first solo product launch on PH. 😅 💪 Challenge Past weekend I saw the provocative/inspiring tweet from @vanschneider about "The astonishing human potential wasted on commutes". It talks about how an average worker spends a total of ~220 hours = *9 days* commuting every single year. 😯 I commute a lot. And I know you do too. In the US alone, there are over 140 million workers commuting every workday. While commuting, I love reading all kinds of articles, but I've noticed that I often don't finish reading the article in time of arrival, which breaks the momentum and means that I probably won't go back to read the rest of it. 💡 Idea What if articles you read on commutes would be tailored to the duration of your commute? Allowing you to fully commit and actually finish reading the article in time. 🛠 Solution After seeing the tweet past weekend, I felt very inspired to build a small and simple app based on this idea. The app asks for your commute duration and suggests you hand-picked articles short enough for you to finish reading on your commute. It also offers a subscription, to receive fresh reading suggestions every workday morning, just in time for your commute. 🤗 Disclosure This is my side-project that I've built over the weekend and it's by no means a perfect or feature-complete product. That said, *I would love to hear what you think about it*! 🤓 Geek info The app is built entirely with Swift 3 & Vapor framework, so AMA regarding this if you're into that. -- I hope Commute Reads will make your time commuting at least a bit less "wasted". 😊