Commute Kit

A curated directory of 100+ amazing ways to use your commute

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Really cool work here Mike! We've got a big new Uber API product coming out soon that could be a neat fit. Would love to give you a sneak peek. Shoot me a note at
@chrissaad Thanks! I just emailed you.
Hey all, spotted this one the other day—appears to be brand new. I love lists like this, because they tend to offer up a ton of really interesting options that you may not catch otherwise. Really highlights the value of good curation in building great content.
Thanks @shortformernie. I look forward to hearing from everyone, and answering your questions. The idea for Commute Kit came when I was on a train a few weeks ago, and I couldn't think of anything valuable to do. I needed ideas, so I started making myself a list of activities to go to whenever I walk, ride, or fly. Luckily, while working on Morning Short, I had researched a lot of podcasts and emails recently, but I expanded that by looking at hundreds of other products, and from that, I whittled it down to a list of my 120 or so favorites. Looking at my list, I remembered @BramK's startup stash, and realized that my list could be valuable to a niche as his was, so I started building it into something pretty. Two weeks later, here we are. 😀 Thanks to @BenTossell for helping me refine the design and spruce up the PH page. Thanks to @BramK for inspiring the format with Startup Stash. Once again, I look forward to your comments 🎉 Private questions, media requests, or partnerships? Email me at Michael.sitver[At]
I spend 20 hours a week commuting so will give this a good test! Thanks 👍
@paulgosnell Great! Let me know how your testing goes :)
@RRhoover and @Levelsio P.S. Commute Kit is great for nomads and remote workers/companies too. #RedefineCommuting
@msitver thanks for featuring ! This is a great list of resources
@noahtovares Thanks Noah. I love Mlist. Best way to test out newsletters without cluttering my inbox.