Community Scaling

AI to discover 6 degrees of expertise

Community Scaling is fastest way to understand your network and the knowledge based in your network.

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Thanks for hunting, Chris. We are excited to introduce ai to identify and connect communities that were previously almost impossible to discover. We have seen some incredible use cases so far - from improving education to fighting extremism. It's the ideas that stem from communities like PH that help take our connectivity and impact to the next level. We're excited to hear your thoughts and ideas .
What an interesting concept.
Thank you for hunting, Chris. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to connecting communities. See the Fast Company article we've attached above on our work with the YGL's. Next up for our team is intelligently connecting over 400 participants across 5 topic areas at TEDx in Lima, Peru, this coming weekend.
Your website form is a little borked. Definitely going to try this for BotList.
Really a great idea with a great concept to connect with people.