Commit Art

Paint your artwork in a commit contribution style

Commit Art is a place to paint your GitHub contributions for whatever reasons you might have. It's primarily for fun. You shouldn't use this tool for your next job interview, that's clear. Feel free to use Commit Art to spicy up developers discussions.
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Bruno Raljić
Making Bee Informed
I keep seeing screenshots of "perfect Github contributions" in developer communities. While some might be funny, for some screenshots it's obvious that a developer is trying too hard to achieve some kind of status, or to prove some thing. That can be dangerous for a well-being! It can cause a burn out. And that's not good, fellas. You are not your contribution page. Your skills are not represented by number of commits. It's important to raise awarness of this. In technical interviews, you can often hear that your GitHub/Gitlab/Bitbucket (whatever you've submitted) is like your resume, like a CV. What is often meant is that you should pay attention how your code looks there. Not how often you commit. Quality over quantity. You don't have to be active every day to impress your future employers. No one would care about that. And if they care, it's a clear sign to search for another place to apply for a job --- I wanted to make fun of that contribution page by painting BRUNO on it, and I've checked what's necessary to do it directly on the HTML page. Then I've realised this whole manual process of editing would take me much more time than to make a tool which could do it over and over. So, I spent a day working on this. Didn't write vanilla Javascript for a long time, so it was funny experience. I've recreated SVG elements representing contribution overview with Javascript like it's on a github profile page. Added few painting functions (directly click and on mouse over). And few color features, which could set a desired kickoff background and to pick a color you want to paint. An HTML file, with Bootstrap4 and some basic JS functionality. Deployed it easy on Netlify, by connecting the repository. That's it. By the end of the day I had something functional. --- So, next time you want to say it with github contributions, you can use this tool. Let me know what you think. Keep working on your projects and don't worry about the contributions.