Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack

Coment is a free Slack App that will make your team save days on your feedback & approval processes.
💬Comment with your team, in one click
✅Review, approve or reject documents
📊Access directly who approved documents
🧑‍🚀No account needed
📱All platforms
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👋 Hey PH, I’m Antoine, maker of Coment. As a product manager, I often felt overwhelmed by requests from the communication department, the legal department… asking me to comment and approve all kinds of documents (contracts, catalogs, designs…). They sent dozens of versions via email or printed them and asked the whole team to review them one by one. In the end, some comments were always forgotten and we never knew which version was approved 🤯. The global process was chaotic. I decided to create Coment to end that pain and streamline that process. Why Slack? Slack was a no brainer for us because we thought we could build a strong user experience and make teams save a lot of time in their feedback and approval processes. What is Coment? Coment is a really simple Slack app to help your team review, comment and approve documents in Slack: 💌Just invite your team (or external users) for review or approval. 💬They can drop comments easily on the document. ✅Then, they can click on the review, approve or reject button. 📊Now you can know who read and approved your documents 😉 The back-and-forth process becomes simple and effective. It works with PDFs, images, Office documents, and more formats. We’ve got a ton of features in our roadmap, and we need your feedback to make it happen. What can we do for YOU? 😻PH community, enjoy our massive launch offer: 1 year for free on the PRO Plan (no credit card needed, of course 😉) Have a good day! Antoine
Congrats Antoine and Maxime for all the work put into Coment!
Thank you @cuireuncroco for your kind words!
Thank you @cuireuncroco you rock ;)
Very compelling tool
Thank you @jean_claude_revol for your support, glad that you like it.
We’re using it for a few months already for legal docs and design reviews. Great job!
Thank you Nicolas, we are glad to have you onboard!
Great product! Powerful app!
Thank you Mathieu, feel free to reach out for feature requests & feedback!