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Matthew Hartman
Jason Lu
  • Pros: 

    Im lazy so this is perfect for me to see my dose of reddit videos


    Include images into the video somehow

    more subreddits please!

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James Coleman
James ColemanMaker@_ojame · UI Developer
Howdy! Combr is scratching two of my personal itches, so I hope others find it useful too! 1. Every Sunday after dinner we sit down and watch some videos. We have a few favourites - for example, the 'best fails of the week'. My extended family doesn't use Reddit, and it was a pain to find videos and chromecast them one by one. This way, we can just chromecast a single video and watch a few of the best clips per topic! 2. I frequent subreddits that I'm very interested in, like /r/hockey. I have a passing interest in sports like NBA, but not enough to wade through content. Sure, I can just use the search function, but having a video that's a collection of "the best" makes for easy lunch time viewing at work! Combr builds collections from the most popular subreddits that have a decent amount of video submissions (and gifs too!), however if you'd like to see something specific, let me know! Cheers!
Wow James! Looks great! I can't wait to receive my first Combr video :) :)
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee@christopher_lee4
Awesome idea. do you curate the content yourself or through some api?
James Coleman
James ColemanMaker@_ojame · UI Developer
@christopher_lee4 It's automated for now. After we have enough data to define what are popular topics, those will be curated.