Combatant Gentlemen

Men's clothing. Hand tailored service. Absurd value

#3 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2014

Combatant Gentlemen in a male e-fashion startup! It is a hand-tailored service, with a personal shopper assistant experience! And last but not least, the prices are unacceptably acceptable! You can renew your wardrobe or grab something for a special event, Combat Gent is your perfect choice.

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I would love a PH product category around men's fashion.
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@ccarella That would be awesome. Some products I can think of are: Bonobos, Jackthreads, Frank & Oak, Five Four Club (Tried it but not a fan), Birchbox, Fancy (Men's fashion section), Indochino, Trunk Club, Dollar shave club, Huckberry, Manpacks, Everlane, & Huckberry. Can't think of any other ones, but if you know of any more then please let me know!
@jcsnv @adamsigel awesome. That's a great list. Thanks.
Had the privilege to partner with them on our site and we had A TON of great feedback about Combat Gent and their clothes.
@jadlimcaco That's awesome Jad. We work with them too. What company do you work with?
@m1lesv We worked with them on Famous Outfits.
@jadlimcaco sweet man! are you guys doing it again this year?
These prices are out of control (in a good way). Has anyone tried them?
@cherif The first review I could find in Google was a sponsored post that was very positive, though the author admitted it was sponsored and promised he'd never write a review he didn't believe in. A bit further down was a link to a reddit/r/mensfashion post where people were complaining about bad customer service, but my experience with that subreddit is mixed/I think they are kind of complainy. What I'm saying is you should try them out and let me know.
@willimholte I might take one for the team and do just that. I definitely don't trust their suits but not opposed to try their shirts.
@cherif I own an $85 suit I got from Jack Threads. Don't get me wrong, it's terrible, but I love it/like wearing it around and if it gets ruined… ehhh…
@willimholte Can't expect stellar service at these prices, though. Is the product decent, @cherif ?
@rhysmohun Service is amazing. They have a live stylist on the product pages who's actually their head stylist, Eric Love. Hard to catch, but a great service and a truly differentiated customer experience.
Buy better, buy less is all I'll say here. A $40 shirt that lasts a year is not a better investment than a $100 shirt that lasts 5 or more.
@colbyh That's a good point but how many shirts do you like to wear for 5 years? I usually dont keep shirts that long so I'm curious.
@JoeConte I have at least a couple dozen shirts that are at or near the 5 year mark that I purchased new. I also have a bunch of vintage oxfords that are nearly 10x that age though, so I might be a bit of an outlier. Still, the benefits of solving a problem once and not having to worry about it for a long time to come are many. I haven't bought a new shirt because I "needed" one in forever and it's a pretty comforting feeling.
@colbyh Interesting, thanks for the insight into how it works for ya.
@colbyh yo man we work with combat to provide their webrtc live stylist. been trying to get through to the bevel team, any way you can assist homie?
Now these are prices that I can get behind. Often when I see new male clothing sites created, the prices are usually out of my budget. The fits look nice, I'd want to get some feedback on clothing quality from others though!