ColsenKeane Leather Bag

The best leather laptop and messenger bags I've ever seen.

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I think I am addicted to laptop bags. I'm constantly on the lookout for my next one, and unlike most other things I buy, I really fixate on the details to an obsessive degree. Best leather bag is an unachievable title because the form overttakes the function at some point, and personal tastes are what they are, different. I appreciate that they are putting as much emphasis on the raw hides as anything else, that is no small task for a smaller producer that can't scour the globe for leather. I'm not a fan of the unfinished edges but I get that is part of the style. It would be good to see some closeups of the hardware, and the big shoulder strap is pretty cool but I would wager that it could get in the way over time (personally, I look for comfortable shoulder straps now). For a messenger bag it appears surprisingly structured, but that is all within the saddlebag theme. All in all, these look impressive and while the style is not for me, I certainly appreciate the workmanship... And not being affraid to price it for what craftsmanship costs. PS- I'm carrying a Serapian cachemire double zip bag these days. It is truly a piece of craftsmanship.
I'm quite certain mine will last 30+ years.
@robk Dang, those are 😻. Looks similar to Saddleback leather -- I own a wallet that I hope to never replace. They made this interesting video, which always makes me think twice about other leatherworkers:
@strickland_dan similar vibe to Saddleback, but I like the more clean lines of the CK bags better myself. The Saddleback guys have great personality though for sure.