A sweety generator of the color to your inspiration.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2016

This is simply generator that allows a get tasty colors in hex, rgb, hsl to your inspiration.

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So simple.... hit space to generate a new one! Good for people like me who don't like the easy options presented in front of them :) Would love to be able to select a range from where the colours are generated... so I could highlight the green part of the spectrum for example. There are so many color generating tools out there already, not sure I've seen this angle before.
@bentossell Good sir, i dare you to hold down the space bar on the site for 15 seconds :)
@dilyaraskar just goes through really quickly?
@bentossell Yes, it does go very quickly, but for me (Maybe not you), when it did, I was a little tripped out and my eyes were going cross-eyed haha. Also, it was nice to see how the developer coded the page to be so smooth even at that rate. I dared/teased you, thinking it would be interesting/trippy for ya as well as a fun thing :) . My bad.
@bentossell You should give Please.js a try if you're curious about ranges or color schemes:
@jamiebrittain I thought I had seen this done before, just couldn't remember where!
Mobile support would be cool, just as easy to tap screen as it is to hit spacebar. :)
@owenbossola button or tap is sucks! Only swipe to now!
also similar: Not sure which was first :) I love this type of slick and simply designs.
@jamiebrittain @jauny not seen before, but yes, colovely is similar. Anyway, will change in the later :)
This comes in handy when needing new color ideas ๐Ÿ˜ณ