Colormate is a minimalist color picker with a simple-yet-powerful color editor and palette manager.
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I must have purchased just about every Mac colour picker in existence and most are a let down, every time I come back to Sip. You could really do with having a free trial so we can try it out before purchasing. Having said that I still purchased it 😆
What's up guys! I made Colormate because I wanted a more minimal color picker that still had color editing and palette management. Some tips: * Hit ⌘ to go to your Recents/Palettes. * You can use the scroll wheel for the color sliders. * Hold shift to pick multiple colors. Thanks for checking it out! UPDATE (5/30): PickIt has been renamed to Colormate and has moved from Gumroad to the Mac App Store. For those of you who bought Colormate as PickIt from Gumroad, I am working on a way to help you migrate to the Mac App Store version without having to buy it again (I will email you guys via Gumroad).
@serobinson111 Quick suggestion for you, how about showing the latest colour in the manu bar icon? [edit] and dark mode support ;)
@ryan_roberts1 Thanks for the suggestions! Dark mode support is already in the works 👍
@ryan_roberts1 Update: Colormate now supports dark mode!
Have purchased and started using. Generally decent, but needs a global shortcut to really be useful for me.
@djeglin Thanks for the feedback! Global shortcut coming soon!
@djeglin Update: Colormate now supports global, customizable shortcuts!
Good Project
Simple but elegant design, would love to use this color picker