Copying hex codes has always been difficult on Dribbble. ColorFlick introduces a dev-friendly color palette to quickly copy hex codes to your clipboard. Also there it creates a shareable palette on Coolors( from you favourite Dribbble shot.
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Your service is amazing. Color copying has become so easy now with ColorFlick.
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If you have ever tried to copy colour palettes from dribbble you know the struggle, this extension makes your life easier by copying the colours for you!
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@sauraj_babu1 Its great to know that ColorFlick helps!
Now I can finally do away with the struggle of opening a new tab just to copy the colour !
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@aananya_v Great to know that ColorFlick helps you!
Fantastic tool. Life just became easier.
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@sreyaj What a satisfying complement ! 😌 Thanks !!!
Nice one.. One major problem solved in every web developer's life
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