Color Palette Generator

Generate a random color palette by tapping your space bar

This is a simple to use color palette generator that generates a new color palette by tapping your space bar. You can save the generated palette to the clipboard or you can save to clipboard just an individual color.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
First of all... Thank you @kevin for the hunt. When I start my new project I'm always struggling with the color palette. So I've decided to create a simple app that will help me with this. How it works: Just tap your spacebar and you'll get a new color palette. Simple as that. Features: ✅ Copy complete palette to the clipboard (press "C") ✅ Copy individual color to the clipboard (click the color)
@csaba_kissi If you need to paint a part of your wall with the same colour, this program will choose the colour automatically. It is very easy. Thanks!
@mikeyeva Thank you so much.
Nice. Do the colours generated adhere to colour blindness empathy test?
@aj002 Thanks. Hmm.. this is an interesting question. I didn't think about that. I need to do a bit of research.
Love the app! I used it several times in my designs. Each of the colour palettes generated are gorgeous and gives me inspiration to create something new and interesting.
@ildiko_gaspar Thank you Ildiko 🙏. I appreciate your feedback so much!!