Color My Music

Discover music in Spotify by picking a color

Discover and listen to over 30 million tracks in Spotify by simply selecting a color from a color picker.

There are 16,777,216 colors in the RGB spectrum - so you can forget traditional searching by genre or artist name - we want your musical journey to be explored through a whole new lens made up of vibrant colors.

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Kirsten Lambertsen@mspseudolus · Engineer, Founder - Xapnik
What a fun way to discover new music! As a product person, I find the UI/UX delightful.
Eric David SmithMaker@erictherobot · Father / Musician / Hacker
@mspseudolus thank you! There are more ways to discover music by color coming soon. Wouldn’t it be cool to know what your Instagram photos “sound” like? Stay tuned!!
Kirsten Lambertsen@mspseudolus · Engineer, Founder - Xapnik
@erictherobot Very cool :-) Excited to see what's next.