Color Leap

Color palettes used throughout history ⏳

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2018

Color Leap is a collection of 180 color palettes that showcase colors used throughout 12 distinct eras in history. Each palette was created by sampling pieces of artwork from the time period.

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Hi guys! We really dig vintage design, so we created a collection of color palettes that reflect art styles in the days gone by. Our focus was mainly on time periods where there were dramatic shifts in design. We collected various pieces of art from 12 different eras in history, and sampled colors from them to create the palettes found in this collection. Each era contains: 📋 a short description 🖼️ 3 pieces of art created during that time 🌈 15 color palettes We hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to Sign In so you can save your favorite palettes! P.S. The palette names are based on the original artwork it came from. Something to get the imagination going!
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This was a great project to work on, and it was really interesting to get a look at the visual styles of people who lived before us. These are super useful to stir up color ideas you might not normally think of.
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I love your idea. Thanks!
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@akdm_ Glad you like it Anthony!
What a great idea! Will try it out.
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@tina_g_lee Hope you enjoy it Tina!
Cool project. UI, UX, and logo are dope as well. Great job! 🎨
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@dave_poly Thanks a lot Dave!