Color Koala

Koala-ty color palettes for all your side projects!


Color Koala is a quick color palette generator for all of your side projects!

Things you can do...

- Generate gorgeous color palettes

- Set the luminosity to Light, Bright, Dark colors

- Download .SCSS file with all your colors converted to rgb,hsl, and hex

- Share the colors via pre-filled email link


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Milan Seitler
Gaston Michelotti
Sanela Osmanovic
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  • Zaryab Waseem
    Zaryab WaseemA minimalist.

    Easy to use.

    Unique and random Colors.

    3 Categories of Colors.


    I didn't find any. :)

    I really like the balance between simplicity and usability in this project. I think it will be my go to app for color hunting.

    Zaryab Waseem has used this product for one day.