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    Let's you discover new conferences. Most important facts on the events are easily accessible.


    Couldn't find a way to list conferences by location (city, country). Hope this feature will be added soon.

    Thanks for this, I already discovered two conferences!

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Hi hunters! We’ve built an event platform that wants to connect organizers, speakers and attendees in an enjoyable and engaging way with Colloq. We want it to be the resource for conference and events, and — most importantly — its content. There’s so much knowledge produced by events and their participants: Videos, slide decks and social media coverage and more. I’ve met a lot of people that told me they learn a lot from reading and watching the content of events. They were conference attendees or people who couldn’t afford going to the event that explained me why they love event recording and how they educate themselves. Some people started speaking at events, some landed a new job, a lot of them attended more events after it and some even started organizing events. The resources created at events are a major resource for professional development. They enable people to learn, to get other impressions, to study. This motivated us to build a place where people can provide and find such content. We built it with care, we started it as sustainable business with paid plans to cover our costs and we care about your privacy and don’t track users. If you like what you’ve read, upvote it and have a look at it. Thanks! ❤️