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Pretty cool... suggestion - remove the 'sweetcode' pop-up type box that appears on landing page.. Confused me. Anyone else confused, don't need to put a code in, just click 'Start Coding' I'm guessing the code is so that teams can work in the same space. Just not super clear on what to do
@bentossell Hey Ben. I found this connected with @awoldes Twitter Account. He may have more insight. I am not sure if he made it, or just worked on it with someone else. Either way, I think that code generated is what you share with the other person that you want to work with. There was a similar site that allowed a quick Video Messaging call with anyone and when you created a new call it gave you a custom URL to share so that the other person could join you in that call.
@bentossell hey Ben! The input box is to create a shareable link that has your code saved. Just clicking through will mean your code will be at something like /workspace/#/ :)
@awoldes yeah I assumed thats what it was but just wasn't super clear from the offset!
@bentossell @awoldes yeah I totally didn't get that either :/
@cpresc @bentossell I've now corrected this and made it clear that it's a workspace name!
Hey everyone Im the maker of Collab On Code! It's essentially a cross between Codepen and Google docs :) This is not apart of my 8 products in 8 weeks challenge (, just a side project I've had for a few months. Disclaimer: this has been hunted before it was completed so a few basic features and UX are not up to scratch, bear with me. Let me k ow what you think!
@awoldes super cool - let me know if you want me to build collab-on-code integration for!
@robertprince awesome product! Definitely something I would be interested in doing once the project is more complete.
Good idea for create landing page for example :)
We are having a party in the test room
@brianbest lol that's brilliant
@awoldes Seems like CSS affects the whole page, not just the preview. ie. if I tried to do * {background: red;} even the editor turns red
@mikecheung this is correct! I'm trying to fix this asap, but for now I've tried to minimise the effects.