All-In-One Crypto Dashboard

CoinTrendz is website featuring all kinds of Crypto Market Alerts, Crypto News, Events, Portfolio Manager & more!

You can connect your Telegram Account to Cointrendz and easiley receive all the alerts directly to your telegram app. You can choose between E-Mail & Telegram notifications or enable both.

With the Premium Membership, you have additional perks like Coin List Alerts, where you will receive a notification, once a new market has been detected on one of the supported exchanges.

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2 Reviews2.5/5

Been using cointrendz since around December. It's useful and really keeps you up to date


Useful, precise and complete, automatic twitter alerts about sharp increases in prices


Would be nice to be able to customize twitter alerts depending on the exchanges we're interested in

This is a really great website for tracking crypto currency related events and a whole lot else. I use it every day and am really happy with it. I especially like the new listing updates, especialy for Korean exchanges.
This looks really interesting! Is there any way you can customize/filter the notifications?