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UI + API + Adding features over time


Dash too basic + Customisation is basic

if I'd to request one feature, it would be sorting of columns. And if you want another one :) then that would be a small trend chart of change next to each coin like have. Otherwise doing good job guys. ✌

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Great ideas — we will do both (sorting & sparklines). Please let us know also how we can improve the customization and make the reporting to the level you want!
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@chanfest22 thanks for reply, glad you will implement both ideas. Per customisation ..two things I'd turn on/off regularly are these: 1. Ability to switch periods (and save per account) in the Portfolio tile in Dash section. (1hr, 1d, 1wk, 1mth). Currently there's only 1day, and if you need to see a trend then you have to go to Prices section. 2. Ability to display a particular coin value (and combination of coins) inside the main graph on top of Dash and Performance sections, so I can see how that coin is doing over time comparing to total market value. If you collect more requests of this feature, then I'd check whether to limit no of coins displayed, and maybe full screen ability would help. an some more requests: A nice to have thing, a donut chart of portfolio proportion. Please explain difference between Cost basis and Net fiat invested in layman terms, I still dont get it :) and last thing I believe already on your list of premium features .. alert notifs.
@martin_perinaj Awesome ideas — thank you so much! We are going to work on all of these for sure. Also, here is a better explanation of cost basis and net fiat invested: Hope that helps!
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